Christina Valsangiacomo

Naturally very curious, Cristina developed a passion for movement, exploration, mental and physical expansion from a very young age. She is now a very dedicated teacher that focuses on the deeper understanding of movement and the biomechanics of the body machine.

The chronic pain resulting from a back accident in the Himalayas when she was only 19 years old led her to dedicate her life to the studies of body: she is a trained Physiotherapist (IB Medizinische Akademie Berlin) and an experienced Body Worker with degrees in Yoga Therapy, Classical Massage, Thai Massage, Abhyanga, Fire Cupping, as well as a certified Yoga Teacher with a 500 Hours certification in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Nidra (Rishikul Yogshala).

It is while living in Goa that she met Mike O’Meara from Celtic breathwork Community, with whom she now co-hosts the one month Breathwork Teacher Trainings. There she shares her expertise in all the movement and medical disciplines.

Together with hands-on therapies and Yoga, daily training is also a fundamental part of her routine: she is trained in Martial Arts (Viet Vo Dao, Tai Chi, Qi Gong) as well as boxing (English box and Muay Thai).

Since living in India, she took part in two different circus crews, training in aerial arts, acrobatics, handstands, theater and improvisation. This more creative aspect of physical exploration is now a fundamental part of her teaching work: in her workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, the exercises offered always also include improvisation, explorative expression, authentic and conscious relating.


I believe that movement can be our own personal healer.

When we fully connect to our bodies, nothing is impossible. In order to reach a state of improvement of the body-mind system, correct physical alignment is fundamental. This can only be made accessible by diving into the deeper knowledge and understanding of the biomechanics of the body machine.

Because of my background as a Physiotherapist and my commitment to share not only Asanas but also the whys of the intrinsic intelligence of a held posture, my classes have a strong focus on precise cuing for the body and fluent alignment of the breath.

My sessions start at a slower pace in order to connect with the space and ourselves, to then call in the power of the fire and achieve a state of total flow, where the mind can breathe freely and the body can move consciously.

I often choose a peak pose and work on drilling around it, so that, by the end of the class, even the most advanced Asanas can be touched.

It is my joy to share many years of personal practice and studies, so that each and every student can keep learning even when leaving the mat.