Alfonso Orozco

Alfonso Orozco, known as ‘Alf’ originally from Colombia-Venezuela has been dedicating his whole life to the study and practice of acrobatic movement in all its forms.

His connection with acrobatics started earlier with his father, a semi-professional gymnast who instilled in him the essential values of sport and training since Alf was born. Meanwhile
he was living in a mountain of Caracas, free to explore and play with the wild nature of the tropics.

Climbing tropical trees and playing with wild animals was his daily routine of functional training.

This allowed Alf to rapidly develop complex acrobatic skills which he later mastered during his sporting career which began as a gymnast at the age of 9 and continued with an endless list of sports, as well as technical and empirical study in sports science, including: Athletics, pole vault, karate, kenpo, climbing, highline, mountain biking and swimming amongst others…

At the age of 15 Alf found Parkour or rather as he says: Parkour found Alf. With it also came The Natural Method by Georges Hébert. From there his entire relationship with physical activity and movement would change forever.

~ ser ágil para ser útil • ser y durar ~
~ be skillful to be useful • be and last ~

In Parkour he found a philosophy and training method that highly challenges not only the body, but even more so the mind. This allowed him to travel around the world participating in numerous shows, events and competitions.

All this led him to immerse deeply into the study of the human body and how to awaken all the potential of our animal skills. In 2012 at the age of 18, Alf founded his first Parkour and Acro Street educational project in Venezuela called DesplazArte® ( “the art of motion”), currently operating in Chile – Rancagua and continuing with the educational mission of promoting acrobatics as a healthy and functional lifestyle.

During his work at DesplazArte, Alf dedicated his time to the study of functional training and physical conditioning methodologies that transcend the barrier of sport and help develop a more optimistic vision about the present.

That is how he evolved his own strategy of smart approach towards acrobatics, called:
-The monkey path-

A training learning method that abandons the competitive sport framework and adopts the cooperative creative one. Therefore we replaced the word Training (previously associated with expectations, demands
and comparisons) to the word Practice, releasing the potential of enjoying any environment as a playground.

In parallel to his profession as an educator he also works as a stuntman and action actor. His most recent participation as an actor is in the film CRAKK 2024 directed and starring Vidyut Jamwal, another passionate about acrobatics and a close friend of Alf. There he also supported the execution of the parkour scenes and was Vidyut’s personal trainer during the shoot.

Nowadays, Alf is the Director and Head Teacher at Momentum Acro in Warsaw – Poland. He continues his ongoing research into the Acrobatic Movement, its roots, connections and especially, how to make the learning process more friendly and functional. He is actively giving workshops and intensive seminars in different countries including India.


~ crawl, walk, run, climb, jump, unlock, flip, connect, stretch, enjoy ~

During our classes we will dive into Acrobatics from its foundations.
Exploring its interactions with other movement disciplines and the opportunities that arise
when we don’t limit the concept to an exclusive style of acrobatics.
Immersed in an HIIT dynamic, through heat and sweat, evolving un·to a Human-Animal.

We will condense a stream of subjects such as:

  • Acrobatics ABC.
  • Safety First: the-Injury+prevention=formula.
  • Proprioception. [The 6th Sense].
  • The 5 essential skills.
  • The Natural Method.
  • Animal locomotion.
  • Parkour Fundamentals.
  • Easy visual tricks!: Cartwheel variations, Roundoff, Wallspin, Macaco and Aerials.
  • How to: Flic-flac, Handspring, Front Flip and Backflip.
  • Advanced Acro. Not that scary monsters!
  • How to connect tricks & flow [cleaning the technique]
  • Methodology for Safe Self Learning.
  • Acro stretching.
  • Meditation for Acro.
  • The final RECAP.
  • What’s Next? [useful tips].