Chandramani Dayje

Chandramani Dayje, also known as ‘Mani’ was born in Mumbai and since 2018 has been living in Goa.  He started studying Capoeira at the age of 13 under the guidance of Mestre Chicote, in association with the group Cordão de Ouro (Paris).  Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance, music and acrobatics.  It was first created in the 1500s by enslaved Africans in Brazil to increase their chances of liberty and independence.  These days the game has evolved with many approaches; broadly split into two camps, some focussed more on hustling and trickery, and some more focussed on its direct martial art potential.  The group of Cordão de Ouro is often seen as Contemporânea, a style which cannot be described as either Angola or Regional but rather “a style of their own”

Mani offers a fresh approach to learning Capoeira by creating a fun, safe and playful environment.  Whilst incorporating aspects of the latest findings in skill acquisition and movement research.  His classes have a dynamic approach where all can develop their physical movement capacity and knowledge of this rich Brazilian art.  His methods and teachings focus on Capoeira as a beautiful game, with creativity at its core.  He has an insatiable mission to teach authentic Capoeira of the highest quality, and to guide anyone regardless of experience to be the best they can be.